At Super Nutrition every customer is ALWAYS our number one priority. We believe in consumer education, offering knowledge, and providing services to enhance the overall health, wellness, and performance of our customers’ daily lives. We do not believe in selling products to our customers that they do not need, and we strive to actively engage our customers to thoroughly and satisfactorily make sure that each customer gets exactly the right product at the right price to match their specific individual goals.


Super Nutrition is a retail health food and services company that exists to provide the highest quality health, performance, and sports nutrition products and services at affordable prices through the highest level of customer service and industry-leading knowledge and expertise in order to create an educated consumer allowing them to make optimal choices regarding their personal health, fitness, and performance goals.


Super Nutrition will make a positive impact on and change the way health food stores in the United States operate, educate consumers, and enhance the lives of their customers through superior products, services, and knowledgeable employees.

Core Values

Honesty. Integrity. Service. Knowledge. Education. Value. Community.