Super Nutrition: Meet the CEO

One of the biggest advantages to working with Super Nutrition is the PEOPLE. When I decided to open Super Nutrition over five years ago I decided I would not open it unless I could offer my customers something of REAL and LASTING value that was different from everything else already available. That “difference” is not just in the value of access to the best quality products at the best prices but also service that is TRULY second to none. My goal was to create a business and environment that would foster the production of a more educated and informed consumer. Industry-leading  knowledge, expertise, and experience is the only way to offer that to consumers. Empowering customers (just as I do with my personal coaching clients) with the knowledge and information they need to make optimal choices regarding their individual health and fitness goals has always been the number one priority for my business… not making sales… not maximizing profit… sharing information and helping other people.

With all that said… who is the CEO of Super Nutrition? The simple answer to that question is… I am YOU. I am the father looking for the best vitamins for his kids, the coach and trainer looking for the best quality products for his athletes and clients, the athlete looking for the edge over the competition, the man looking to extend his longevity and quality of life, the person who wants to know what they’re putting into their body and WHY, and finally I’m the guy who just wants to be treated like an actual person with different needs from the person who walked into the store before him.

This industry has been so diluted with claims of having the highest level of customer service that the phrase has all but been rendered meaningless. It’s not high-quality customer service when you go into a store and are parroted the same recycled information, that is usually not even accurate, that every customer who walks into the store receives. When you go into a store as a middle aged female school teacher and receive the exact same recommendations as a twenty-year-old college athlete, the lights should turn out that there’s a problem.

I have been a health and fitness coach for the past six years, and when I decided to open Super Nutrition I decided to take the same approach to helping consumers select and purchase health food products, sports nutrition supplements, and vitamins as I use to formulate programs for my personal training clients. Super Nutrition takes a comprehensive approach toward and a careful consideration of all necessary health and lifestyle factors, that are so often overlooked, that go into helping individuals make the right product choices. Nothing irritates me more that when a consumer of supplements and health food products is taken advantage of because they, through no fault of their own, are uninformed on the products they are looking at. There is an inherent trust that consumers in a retail health food store put in the staff and ownership of that company to put their health and goals FIRST, and it is sad to say that that trust is too often BROKEN.

I opened Super Nutrition to end that cycle of broken trust. Our customers will ALWAYS be our number one priority… because without them… there is no Super Nutrition.

For more information on who the CEO of Super Nutrition is stay tuned for more articles and content delivering quality information and educational material direct to YOU. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @SupernutritionIL and my personal coaching Instagram @supernutritioncoaching. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have on the products or services that we offer or to start a custom tailored health and fitness coaching program at

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